Here you will find useful information
to help you with your tiny adventure.
If you can't find what you need just pop
us a line and we will glad assist.

Becoming A Tiny Whoop Member

Becoming a Tiny Whoop member is easy and totally free. You will need your membership to register for Tiny Whoop events and be included in the league tables and other cool events.

Here are some tips to make it even easier.

- Use an email address you can access from your phone.
- you will receive an email with link to your app. open this and it will ask for a 6 digit pin, go back to to your emails and copy the pin we have sent to you. Finally reopen the app link and paste the pin number. you only have to do this once.

- open your app and pin it to your home page. this will place the app icon on your phone for one click entry.

go to info tab in the app and choose your pilot name, then add a cool photo of yourself and your all done.

Registering For A Tiny Whoop Event

All official Tiny Whoop events are listed on the events page of the Tiny Whoop UK website or on the individual page of club found on the club network map.

To register for an event, click "register" and enter the email address you used to become a Tiny Whoop member.


The Tiny Whoop Club Network team are here to help, email us if you can't find an answer to your question on this page.